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Click Decision is small and nimble, and that’s why your leads matter to us. With limited volume, we make the best effort possible to maximize the value of every single customer.

As a well-capitalized, innovative, payday lead generation company, we are aiming to lead the industry through our groundbreaking technology that creates amplified data through our automation and background. We are a business built by every aspect of the small-dollar space. Our internal team ranges from lenders, technologists, and data analysts to call centers and debt collectors.

In addition to our network, our unique leads can speak for themselves, and that is a monumental factor to our internal and external success. With maximum purchasing power, we can hit untapped measurements daily.

Aside from progressing at a high speed and trailblazing through the payday loan industry, our innovative, analytical, and bright culture is what separates us. We are a group of driven individuals that are so passionate about what we do, that we have fun at the same time. Our zeal opens the door to explore our creativity, which exposes another competitive advantage: Innovation – discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

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Walter Perry


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